Clean Street Candles

Clean Street Candle Co. was started as a way to create a clean burning all natural soy/coconut
blend candle to enhance any mood or occasion. We really enjoy the mood or atmosphere that a
candle can create or accompany. While we love many different candles we quickly started to
realize that we wanted to create a non-toxic clean burning candle. Not only clean but also with a
stronger hot throw than we found lacking in many other all natural wax candles. After many
months of testing we believe we have found the perfect blend of all natural soy/coconut wax to
carry our favorite scents. The wicks that we have chosen are also zinc and lead free. We also
strive to make our candles aesthetically pleasing so that they will look good in your home.
We have chosen scents that inspire us in some way. Inspire us to be nostalgic, romantic,
energized, relaxed, create a certain vibe in your home or bring a little bit of the outdoors inside.
We plan to continue to be inspired to create new scents in our clean burning candles that we hope you enjoy as much as we do.